The Sculptor for the Generations

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It’s difficult to gaze at great works of art without becoming completely immersed and mesmerized by the artist’s dedication to precision and detail. Whether admiring the bronze sculptures of Michelangelo, or Rodin – we can lose ourselves in not only appreciating the sheer beauty of their work but in also learning a bit about how they themselves saw the world.

Richard MacDonald’s bronze sculptures are the perfect illustration of this. His masterworks, though cast in bronze, seem ready to breathe. Richard has brought bronze figurative sculpture to its broadest audience since Antiquity by creating bronze sculptures that embody a central paradox of movement – using hard, inflexible surfaces to create limbs that seem supple with life and energy.

When we take the time to admire bronze sculpture, we often develop a new appreciation for the subject which was the artist’s muse. In his creations, Richard directs our attention to the things he sees, those elements he appreciates, and the details he notices. Simply by creating, he reveals something about himself – his view of our world, his perspective – he inevitably shares what speaks deeply to him.

While the masses are forever confined to creating primitive looking bowls at a local pottery class, Richard’s unique and incredible gift leaves us in awe, a little breathless, and even wistful at our inability to attain master’s touch. We can, however, appreciate the beauty of his talent.

Imbued with life and emotion, his elegant creations captivate the modern viewer, and carry a vision of our time forward, into the future. Richard believes that beauty connects people and lifts their spirits to a higher level and there is little doubt that future generations will view Richard MacDonald’s work alongside the other great masters from across the centuries.