Located on the beautiful California coast, the 32,000 sq. ft. Monterey studio is where the magic happens – from ideas created in the artist’s atelier to the bronze sculptures forged in the state-of-the-art foundry. The Monterey studio is also committed to inspiring the next generation of artists by giving them a space in which to work, learn, and master their craft.

Las Vegas

The Las Vegas studio gives the artist the ability to draw and sculpt the world’s most athletic and beautiful performers from Cirque du Soleil. Located steps from Gallery Row and The Art of Richard MacDonald gallery, the state-of-the-art space is fully rigged for performers. Accessible by invitation only, the studio offers visitors a rare opportunity to see the artist at work. As an arts and cultural event venue, the Las Vegas studio offers schools and youth organizations the opportunity to tour a workng artist’s studio and engage in educational sessions.


When creating art for The Royal Ballet, Richard MacDonald works in his studio at White Lodge, home of the Royal Ballet Upper School, near Covent Garden. Here, MacDonald has a rare opportunity to work with the dancers in their natural element.

The New Foundry

A state-of-the-art foundry was installed in the Monterey studio in 2013. This enables the company to control the quality of all aspects of the sculpture process – from conception, mold, and wax to metal pour, metal finishing, and patina. With a pour capacity of 3,000 lbs. per month, the foundry features an environmentally conscious double burn kiln.